C&I Charity – Grants available for projects!

The C&I Charity is the charity of Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) and is a charity registered with the Charity Commission (England and Wales) through the CNWL NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund.

The charitable objects of the C&I Charity are;

To assist and support the mental health, wellbeing and recovery of Trust service users within the wider local communities of Camden Islington and Kingston by providing additional support and resources not normally available through statutory authorities.

Grants will be awarded in lots of up to £2000 each.

The Trustees have an overall objective that the grants awarded should be used to help build resilient communities which enables the sustainability of clinical care provided by the NHS.

As funding is limited, the charity is not considering applications received in respect of:

  • Clinical and non-clinical activities already commissioned or funded (except where they specify matched or shared funding as a condition of commissioning)
  • Duplicating commissioned services, where they are not commissioned.
  • Staff hardship
  • Staff training or benefits, except when such benefits will have a direct and beneficial impact on service users
  • Individual patient / service user hardship

Application Process If you would like an application pack or more guidance please contact Gail.Carter@candi.nhs.uk who will be pleased to discuss outline ideas. Service users can contact hello@sidebysidenetwork.org if you prefer to talk to one of the service user members of the Charity Advisory Group about your idea first. Applications must be costed and have got sponsorship from a member of the Trust’s staff.

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